"andrà tutto bene" - stretch tile bracelet

"andrà tutto bene" - stretch tile bracelet

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This piece was inspired by Italy's response to the coronavirus. 

Beginning in early March, banners, paintings and drawings were posted by families and small businesses with a message “andrà tutto bene” - which translates to “everything will be alright.”

 Hand crafted and uniquely made  bracelets. Everyday essentials strung together and prepared for your everyday wear. The stretch makes them easy to slip on and off. My favorite part is that they wear well without scratching or getting caught!

 ** 24K gold finish pieces 


Sizing as follows: 

  • Small - 6 inch length
  • Medium - 6.5 inch length
  • Large - 7 inch length
  • X-Large - 7.5 inch length


Reach out if you’d like a certain style in a different size!